Be self expressive and expansive

Here's a peculiar insight that took me a year or two to see. When populating the Prism its best to be self-expressive and also expansive. This works better than being terse or canonical. 

Being a mathematician most all of my first applications of the Thought Prism had very short and precise subjects and objects, connected by terse verbs. I found out by trial and error that a much more robust description works better – fully describing and personalizing the subject with qualifiers, robustly portraying the process, and fully depicting the object.

A second observation learned by hands-on experience is to make the original statement personal rather than abstract. Spell out how it matters to you, rather than abstracting it and making it inanimate.

Here is an example, first the terse description.

'The thought Prism expands our thoughts. '

Here is a more robust and personal example.

'The expanded consciousness methodology expands and uncovers the robust nature of my thoughts and intuitions.'

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