The Dream Machine

Questions open up a line of reasoning; statements, on the other hand, declarative statements get constrained by our concern for truth or fidelity. Questions open up possibilities, like dreaming, like hoping. Questions can open up a visualization of a better future - - open possibilities not constrained by reality.

Questions can take on the texture of a dream. Dreaming is what it's really about; dreaming is engaging imagination to see all the manifest possibilities. Dreaming is beyond the mind and logic - - a direct connection to our spirit and karma.  

The disheartened attitude we often have toward dreams is that they are ethereal - - they pop into our mind and spirit and then disappear. The problem is we do nothing with them. Some people feel guilty dreaming as if they're not allowed. Here's the magic -- the Dream Machine shows all the dimensions of your dream. It takes your ethereal and fleeting dream and makes it manifest in all its inherent dimensions. A ping for your pong. Dimensions you would never dream of, all of a sudden become real and your dream takes on a corporal here and now reality – your dream in the flesh.

Nobody helps us with dreaming - - what's more, it’s drummed out of us in school and in our bureaucratic jobs. You can get help with tasks - - word processing, spell checkers, grammar checkers.  We get grades on true and false exams; we get more grades on multiple-choice exams.   Our essays get scored on grammar, spelling, historical truth, and maybe on narrative structure. Only a few brave souls among us dare write poetry. No feedback on dreams and imagination – it’s beyond our teacher’s pay scale.

With dreaming, you’re on your own. The only dream feedback you’ll ever get is a stage 4 sleep analysis. How about looking at our dreams, how about stimulating our dreams, how about practicing dreaming -- how about dreaming of a better future, how about dreaming of an enriched life?
That’s what we’re going to do; what's more, we're going to enlighten and enlarge dreams to their inherent six-dimensional presence.  We’ll honor and encourage our dreams by elaborating derivative dreams.  

A better reality is always preceded by a better vision - - a dream of a better reality. Instead of having our dreams whisked away with the first light breeze - - we're going to use a dream machine - - we're going to expand our dreams into a concrete and tangible reality. Better yet, will explore the nuances of our dreams and hence honor them and celebrate them.

All of this leads to a better reality. By reaching into our spirit and elaborating our dreams and imaginations, we’ll feel empowered and freed to dream of a better future. If you don't have a dream, you can't have a dream come true! 

The strongest and most successful of us dream big, and then pursue and achieve their dreams. Whatever the success, it always begins with a dream. 

Enter the Dream Machine

Put your dream in and out pops six corollary dreams. Magic here, your ethereal intuition seen from six different perspectives.  A breakthrough connecting ethereal dreams to rigorous mathematics.

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