Articulating 'the dream'

Re-awaking the entrepreneurial spirit
T McCabe

A major application of expanded consciousness is to the 'dream machine'. The most difficult step to apply the 'dream machine' is coming up with a statement for the original dream. The dream machine is used frequently by entrepreneurs, and the original dream is the underlying purpose and drumbeat of the entrepreneur.

This essay helps one articulate the original entrepreneurial dream. It also helps to reawaken the entrepreneurial spirit.


Here is an interesting article about active listening:

It's about the skills of really hearing other people – – having our minds open, paying attention, not being judgmental.

The skill of really hearing other people is a large gift unto itself. However, there’s a hidden story here. The very same skills that allow us to hear and understand other people also apply empathically to listening to our own inner voice – –  listening to our muse, our wish, our instincts. Many of us are overtrained in rational disciplines – – mathematics, engineering, science -- our inner instincts are often drowned out by the overly rational.

The skills in this article apply to listening to our own inner voice. That's the place from which comes our most primal motivation – – the wellspring of our energy and drive. Many of us drown out this inner invoice – – consumed with everyday pressures and fixated on the purely rational -- not honoring our own intuition and guideposts.

Here's the trick – – when your inner voice speaks make-believe you're talking to a stranger. Honor your inner voice with the same courtesy you would stranger. Not too much to ask, giving the same courtesy to our heart as to a stranger.

Listen intently as your inner voice speaks, be non-judgmental, don't interrupt your intuition’s flow, allow silences before invoking your rational self. Listen to understand your inner intuition before explaining your rational self – let your heart flow without interrupting with your mind.
Create time for your inner voice. Create the quiet and confidence it takes to hear the subtleties of your inner wisdom.  Honor what you hear with your newfound listening skills. What a gift.

This inner spirit has wisdom beyond your mind. When your fundamental intuition is aligned with your actions, you will find much more force and excitement in your life. As entrepreneurs, we experienced this, but that inner spirit is often drowned out by everyday pressures. Here’s how to get it back.

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