Sunday, January 17, 2016

Welcome you dreamers

Welcome. This site is for the adaptation of the McCabe Prism to dreaming. Especially for those who follow their dreams – – entrepreneurs, artists, novelists. For anybody with the courage to dream and more importantly, for those with the courage to follow their dream.

This customization of the McCabe Prism is called the Dream Machine. The various tabs describe the intention and spirit of the dream machine, help in formulating a dream, a video introducing the methodology, and the geometric shape of our thoughts and dreams.

This is really exciting – – it taps into our primal motivations. Not plans, not objectives, not goals, but something more fundamental. Our dreams – – of success, of health, of a path that's the most important to us.

The Dream Machine has been employed by entrepreneurs to both elaborate their original dream and entrepreneurial path and also to see the dream's six dimensions -- which both broadens and deepens that original vision. The top line creation of the entrepreneur becomes manifest.